BB15: McRanda breakup soon?


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All is not well in McRanda land. Lately, Amanda has been putting a target on her back which, in turn, puts one on McCrae’s back as well. First she got into it with Jessie and was being unbelievably cocky saying, “Whoever we want to go home, has gone home.” McCrae had to tell her that’s a stupid thing to say and he hasn’t been able to get her to keep her mouth shut since.

Last night on the Power of Veto episode of Big Brother 15, the MVP (which the house guests have yet to figure out is America) put up Amanda once again. When she took her seat on the block, she said “Someone sure wants me out of here.” She even said in the diary room that she doesn’t think America is the MVP because she’s been getting rid of all the mean people in the house. Well here’s a newsflash Amanda: You ARE one of the mean people in the house.

Don’t get me wrong. Being mean can work at your advantage in the Big Brother house. Evil Dick won a whole season being honest and mean. But these house guests are mean in the dumbest ways. Aaryn and Ginamarie say racist and inappropriate things. Elissa made fun of Amanda for being in a one piece swimsuit. And Amanda picked on Jessie and Candice.

I’m liking Candice. She is far from mean. On the contrary, she doesn’t actually get into it with anyone unless someone starts something with her first. Ginamarie says that Candice picked on Aaryn when, in all actuality, Aaryn was the one who flipped Candice’s bed and used her “ghetto” voice trying to make fun of her. GM then joined in by getting in Candice’s face and saying her “black side” is going to come out. Candice didn’t back down.

GM called Candice a “rat” and “tattletale” at the nomination ceremony (unwarranted, in my opinion). So Candice decided she’d go ahead and do that and told Judd that Amanda thought he was MVP. So Amanda started talking crazy to Candice, which caused another fight.

What I’m noticing on this season so far, is that the people who actually stand up for themselves are the “unpopular” ones. It makes me mad that Candice is the target this week. Spencer and Amanda are on the block with her. Either of them could be bigger targets. My hope is that Amanda keeps causing trouble and gets evicted this week, because she is obviously not listening to McCrae when he’s warning her to keep her head down and nose clean.

Tonight’s episode is a double eviction. I pray that Amanda and Helen go home. But the house hasn’t yet picked up on the need to get rid of Helen so that will come later, hopefully.

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